Menstruation : Your Winter

Menstruation : Your Winter Menstruation is your body’s monthly pause to check-in with yourself, consider the events of your previous cycle, and let go. Some call it the winter of your monthly seasons. This is a complex phase in one’s cycle. As our bodies shed the endometrium from the previous [...]

Menstruation : Your Winter2021-07-07T09:20:44-07:00

What is a Hormone Anyway?

What is a Hormone Anyway? The menstrual cycle is a dance. The hormones ebb and flow to help with ovulation, prepare the uterus for a potential conception, and menstruate (if there is no pregnancy). They are powerful enough to make us buzz with the potential of new life, as well as leave us [...]

What is a Hormone Anyway?2021-07-07T09:20:44-07:00
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