Summertime + The Fire Within

Summertime + The Fire Within Although the sun has been a bit shy to shine this year, summer is here. The bees are buzzing over wild rose and lavender bushes, the hummingbirds are back to feast on honeysuckles, and I finally harvested the first radishes of the season. On our evening walks, [...]

Summertime + The Fire Within2022-06-06T10:46:00-07:00

Summer Lovin’ for the Self

Summer Lovin' for the Self June 24, 2019   There is a feeling to summertime. To the days spent under the sun; swimming, reading, playing cards, and eating ice cream. To the nights where you get to wear a breezy dress, appreciate the tan lines on your feet, and walk [...]

Summer Lovin’ for the Self2021-07-07T09:20:45-07:00
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